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I’ve watched Hassan grow as a young entrepreneur who is on a mission to inspire and motivate other young people. Given the severity of youth unemployment and much negative press around young people Hassan is a shining example of how the creativity and enterprising spirit of young people can achieve great things. It has been a pleasure to watch Hassan’s journey continue and to see his development as an articulate, inspiring and business-savvy young entrepreneur.

– Adam Bradford

Its been a complete pleasure knowing you. I know you will keep in touch and let me know when you take over the world. You are extremely inspirational and hopefully your enthusiasm will rub off on other students.

– Gillian Corlett

You have been a amazing student and your journey is only just beginning! Good luck in all you do, although you won’t need it, you will go far in life! Your hard work and dedication will pay off and success will be in your future. Best Wishes.

– Steph Dockerty (Head of Year)

It’s been a ‘blast’ knowing you. You have been fantastic. I have seen you grow. and find your feet and that has been a true privilege. I have been so proud of you. Good luck with every venture you embark upon. I know you will achieve your dreams. Lots of love.

– Alison Ward

You have been and are much more than a IT Genius. A brilliant member of our school (Oulder Hill Community School) and a role model to others. You have all the skills to succeed and I know their are many great times ahead of you. All the best.

– Danny Armitage

It’s been a pleasure teaching you. Wishing you all the best for the future. Keep your dreams alive and be happy.

– Amanda Reas

You are an absolute inspiration and role model to other students. You have achieved so much and I am sure there is so much more you want to do. I wish you all the best in the future – I know it will be bright. Enjoy.

– Hargreaves

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